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Satisfied Customers

Having Satisfied Customers is very important to us.
We would like to share a few of our customer letters with you.

To Dave:
"Dave was an absolute pleasure to work with! He is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. He knows a lot about the area and consistently had new listings for us to view until we found the perfect house for our family. I would highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home in the area." ML

To Dolly:
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of your hard work with me during this house purchase. You are proficient in every aspect as a real estate agent. It is difficult these days to find business people who check and double check the work that they do. I truly appreciate the fact that you were available to me at my convenience and around my crazy work schedule.
I was in contact with many real estate professionals before I met you. I was immediately impressed with your honesty and hard work ethic. You searched tirelessly until you found the right home for me and my children.
You have made my first home purchase exciting. I look forward with confidence to our closing on Friday.

To Dave:
"David is a very professional and knowledgeable realtor. He helped me and my children find the exact home we were looking for in a sufficient amount of time. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking to rent or buy a place." WH

To Dave:
"Dave was very easy to work with he responded to each question we asked about the house the same day. He made sure what we were looking at was in our price range did not show any house that would waste our time. Dave was very upbeat to make our experience good and positive. Dave did not try to push us into anything he let us control every visit and he was there to guide and protect our future investment. I would highly recommend Dave Vaughn and would use him again if we were to move again. His knowledge of the area, if fair price, taxes and if good investment for future resale in future." DY

To Dolly:
What comes to mind when I think of "DOLLY"...
D is for dedication to helping families
O is for outstanding customer service
L is for the many times she makes me laugh
L is for her zest for life
Y is for her youthful nature in getting through ones day...

To Dolly:
These are just a few of my favorite things when I think of Dolly Simon. She is truly a cut above the rest...Anyone can help you find a house.
Dolly however cares about your family- She's fun loving and wholesome and there's nothing fake or pretentious about her.
She will work hard to make sure that ou have not only found your perfect log home, but she'll even remember to make sure your child's hammock is ready in the backyard!
It is an honor, to recommend Dolly Simon as your next realtor and friend.

To Dolly:
I'm a senior loan officer with National City Mortgage Corp. I've been doing business in this industry and working with realtors for over 21 years now. I deal with a lot of real estate agents in the tri-state area and I just have to say that Dolly Simon is one of the best!
Dolly has a great work ethic. I personally have spent many a Sunday evening on the phone with Dolly, discussing ways that we can best satisfy a client's particular financing and real estate needs. She is contentious and hard working, always following up on things and always putting her client's needs ahead of her own.
When Dolly calls me with a referral, it's a real honor and a privilege to help serve her clients. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Most of all, her honesty does not let her pride get the best of her. She'll tell you what she can do for you, as well as being up front and telling you what she can't do.
To be successful in this business, you need to surround yourself with successful people. Dolly has certainly done that and I'm proud to be associated with her!

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